Stage Two—Creating a Domain Plan

Published: 18th February 2011
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After analyzing your organization's requirements, the first step in creating a domain TS windows vista plan is to determine the number of domains required. Because adding domains to the forest increases management and hardware costs, you should minimize the number of domains. Once you've created a domain, the domain cannot be easily moved or renamed. However, you might need to consider using multiple domains in the follow?ing situations:
To meet required security policy settings, which are linked to domains
To meet special administrative requirements, such as legal or privacy concerns
To optimize replication traffic
To retain Windows NT domains
To establish a distinct namespace
The second step in creating a domain plan is to define the forest root domain. You can choose an existing domain for the forest root or designate a new domain to serve as a dedicated forest root domain. Using a dedicated forest root domain provides advantages in security administration, replication traffic, and scalability. Define your forest root domain with caution, because once you've named the free 70-620 test questions forest root domain you cannot change it without renaming and reworking the entire Active Directory tree.
The third step in creating a domain plan is to define a domain hierarchy and name domains. To define the domain hierarchy, you must perform the following actions:
Determine the number of domain trees
Designate tree root domains for each of the trees
Arrange the remaining subdomains in a hierarchy under the root domains
To name domains, you must perform the following actions:
Assign a DNS name to the forest root domain for each forest in the organization
Assign a DNS name to each tree root domain
Assign DNS names to each remaining subdomain, according to its position in the
Finally, you determine the placement of DNS servers. You also plan additional zones, determine the existing DNS services employed on DNS servers, and determine the zone replication method to use. The end result of a domain plan is a domain hierarchy free CompTIA IT certification test questions diagram that includes domain names and planned zones.

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