Plan Flexible Operations Master Role Placement

Published: 18th May 2011
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Global catalog servers are not the only special types of servers that run within free practice IT questions Active Directory on various domain controllers. You must also plan to designate various domain controllers with one of the operations master roles. There are simple rules to remember when you plan your operations master roles.
Except in a single domain situation, the infrastructure master should not be installed on a domain controller that also acts as a global catalog server.
Place the operations master roles in a central location to all users, and servers, on the network.
Place the domain naming master role on a server in the site where the majority of new domain controllers are installed.
Place the primary domain controller (PDC) emulators), relative identifier (RID) master(s), and infrastructure masters) in the location where the major?
ity of administration for the respective domains takes place.
Place the infrastructure master so that it is able to contact a global catalog server.
The infrastructure master compares its own information with the global catalog to determine whether its own data is up-to-date. The infrastructure master role should not be assigned to a domain controller that also holds the global catalog
server role because it would always consider its own data to be up-to-date.
You are upgrading a Windows NT 4 domain to Free A+ practice exams. You upgrade the PDC named WDC01 to Windows Server 2003 and create a new forest root domain. Your domain has a strict security policy that enforces password changes every five days. When you upgrade a backup domain controller (BDC) named WDC02 to Windows Server 2003 and enable it as a global catalog server, you decide to take WDC01 offline to upgrade hardware. Immediately after doing so, users call in to complain that they cannot change their passwords. You bring up WDC01, and users are able to change their passwords. Which operations master role should you transfer to WDC02 before taking WDC01 offline again?
A.The domain naming master
B.The PDC emulator
C.The RID master
D.The schema master
Correct Answers: B
A.Incorrect: The domain naming master is used for adding and removing domains from the forest. This will not affect users who are trying to change their passwords.
B.Correct: The PDC emulator is used in place of the former Windows NT 4 PDC.BDCs will communicate with it, obtaining updated information from the PDC
emulator. This operations master role handles password changes.
C.Incorrect: The RID master provides relative identifier information to domain controllers so that new objects can be created with unique SIDs. Users would not notice the RID master being offline unless WDC02 ran out of RIDs and they were using an application that required new objects to be created within the domain.Administrators would experience this problem first.
D.Incorrect: The schema master determines which types of objects can exist within the Active Directory forest. Users would not notice the schema master being
offline unless an application or a free comptia security+ exam user was attempting to extend the schema.

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