Modernspa Shower Enclosures: The Different Types On Offer

Published: 05th January 2012
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Modernspa offers a wide variety of shower enclosures to choose from. The most common types are the rectangle enclosures, the square ones, the half circle one and the semi oval one.
These days bathroom renovations are a big deal and bathroom accessories and fixtures manufacturers like Modernspa are in high demand. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to renovate your bathroom to give it a fresh new look is to invest in a shower enclosure. A shower enclosure is a great and easy way to change the aesthetics of a bathroom and provide you with numerous functional benefits. There was a time when a ( Enclosure was either a rectangular box or the traditional tub shower enclosure. However, that time is past. Nowadays with the use of new and interesting material, shower enclosures are available in numerous shapes and designs. In this article we shall list out the four most common and exciting types of shower enclosures available in the market today.
The first type of shower enclosures is the square enclosure. This enclosure is the same length from all four sides. It is ideal for small bathrooms as it does not take up too much space but still serves all the functional requirements. They are generally made out of glass as this gives the illusion of more space. The next type of shower enclosures that are common among bathroom accessories is the traditional rectangular shower enclosure. It provides more space to the user and is perfect from a bathroom that is irregularly spaced. They are available in typical glass, as semi frameless enclosures and even as frameless enclosures. Besides this you can also opt for fiber glass enclosures, acrylic and tiles enclosures though they are a little harder to find in the market.
The next type of shower enclosures is the semi oval enclosures. It has two sides similar to a square and the rest is circular. The straight side is against the wall and the curved side protrudes outward. It is better at space maximization as it is perfect for corners. It is also considered very trendy and is thus highly preferred. Finally, the last type is the highly trendy semi circle ( Hoses . This enclosure is not very practical in a small bathroom and requires a lot of space. It is also a little more expensive and difficult to install,  but is considered very trendy by its customers. It is one of the newest designs and is very stylish and modern.
Besides these designs there also exist a huge number of other variations in these bathroom accessories like the kind of material used in making the enclosure including acrylic, tiles, glass, etc. Another variation observed is in the kind of door used. Here you have an option between a sliding door, pivot shower doors, bi-fold shower doors (ideal for places where space is less), quadrant shower enclosures and finally the walk in shower. In the last case, the water is deflected by a series of baffles through which a person must walk to enter the shower.
Modernspa is one of the most popular destinations for all things that concern your bathroom. They specialize in providing high quality products at affordable prices. Products can be ordered from their website and the company ships them worldwide. Modernspa is a name you can trust in high quality bathroom accessories, fixtures and bathroom furniture.  The company is known for its ability to provide high quality products at factory price, something few of its competitors can claim to do. It is a highly reputed company and has been providing people with all their bathroom needs for over five years now.

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